At RIAA's request, Google removed 10 million links from search results

    It seems that the record labels of their association are not going to give up, and continue to insist on removing links to "pirated" content from the issuance of search services. Since Google introduced a mechanism to remove links from search results on demand, RIAA associates have managed to remove 10,000,000 links to "pirated" content.

    Each week, the RIAA and the record companies that make up this association send tens of thousands of requests to Google to remove certain material from the show. And despite the fact that not all requirements are satisfied, nevertheless the RIAA has achieved very significant results.

    Here is a screen shot from the latest Trancparency Report, dated January 21st. Since then, several tens of thousands of links have been removed from Google’s issuance, so now the number of deleted links already exceeds 10 million. The RIAA opted for “avalanche” tactics when Google simply overwhelmed with the requirements of removing certain links. It may well be that the workers of the latter simply cannot cope with the influx of complaints from record companies, and delete all the links that the "owners" require to be removed.

    By the way, some other services that provided the ability to search for links to music files hosted without the knowledge of the RIAA are also buried under a pile of lawsuits / complaints. An example is Grooveshark.

    In general, it seems that the RIAA and other similar organizations are still quite successfully implementing their plans for dominance in the media world.

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