$ 30,000 from Telerik for Windows 8 developers

    Telerik has announced Virtual Accelerator for Windows 8 for startups whose products are aimed at the Windows 8 platform.


    Winners will receive $ 30,000 (in exchange the company will claim 4-8% of the shares), a weekly program in Hong Kong in Accelerator HK, and a three-month participation in virtual accelerator.

    Answers to frequently asked questions:

    • Who can take part? Startups at an early stage of development that believe in the bright future of Windows 8. A team must contain at least one technical founder and one non-technical cofounder. To participate, you will need to register a company (if you have not done so before). There are no geographic restrictions.
    • What do you need to apply? This can be a mocap or a schematic representation of a future application.
    • What are the evaluation criteria? Startups with a team of 2 to 4 people will be accepted. From the requirements: strong technical, design and business skills, a strong concept, a prototype or working service, openness and a desire to learn.
    • Can I add several projects? No one team should focus on just one product.
    • We are a working startup and are working with another accelerator. May we take part? Yes.
    • We already had investments. Can we take part? Yes.
    • Are we obligated to use Telerik products in the project? Not.

    More details on the official page .

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