Google blocked Moon + Reader app on LitRes complaint

    News of a month ago: the Reader application of the Center for Speech Technologies company was blocked in the App Store following a complaint from LitRes representing the interests of EKSMO publishing house.

    Latest news. The Moon + Reader and Moon + Reader Pro applications (e-book reader, more than 5 million downloads) were removed from Google Play on the complaint of LitRes .
    The reason is the ability to download books from pirated sites.

    But what about other readers with OPDS support?

    companyname: ООО ЛитРес 
    country_residence: RU 
    description_of_copyrighted_work: Электронные книги популярных авторов. 
    Например, книги Дарьи Донцовой. 
    Также доступно приложение, в котором по умолчанию встроены пиратские сайты. 
    Бесплатные книги доступны в два клика. 
    full_name: Алексей Сангалов 
    geolocation: RU 
    hidden_category: text 
    hidden_product: googleplay 
    represented_copyright_holder: ООО ЛитРес 
    signature: Алексей Сангалов

    LitRes agree to withdraw the complaint if the author embeds a “blacklist” of OPDS directories so that even manually the user cannot add a pirated catalog.

    Yesterday I received a letter from LitRes with a similar requirement as the author of the Cool Reader. Otherwise, they threaten to complain to Google, citing the example of Moon + Reader.

    Who is next?

    Throw LitRes idea is not limited to readers. It is necessary to file a complaint with browsers. After all, in any one can enter the address of a pirated site.

    PS: I agree that the programs should not have links to pirated sites by default. It is interesting to know the opinion of Habrach residents regarding filtering.

    UPD: details from the program website at .:
    “I still have not received a response from Google. The last message I received from LitRes is "I use my personal contacts on Google to speed up the return of the program, but now the duration of this process depends only on Google (unfortunately, it's Friday)." Another bad news is one user’s comment "Google will return your program to the Market in about a month. This is the procedure."

    Version 1.9, available on the program’s website already contains an OPDS address filter, and does not allow adding a directory from the black list

    UPD2: corrected information about the reason for removing the “Reader” (complaint was submitted by LitRes, not EXMO).

    Additional links to news: reddit , Mobile Review , Dirty , Exler ,Open letter to Litres .

    UPD3: Official comment on the company LitRes 4PDA .

    UPD4: Details about blocking the Reader program.

    UPD5: I posted on the Market an updated version of Cool Reader. The link to Flibusta has been removed, but it is possible to add any directories (scroll through the list of directories to the end, the last item is to add a directory). Disabling the LitRes plugin - Menu / Settings / Plugins.

    UPD6: Exler has a new article - “Liters is blackmailing developers of reader software”

    UPD7: Moon + Reader is back on Google Play: Moon + Reader , Moon + Reader Pro

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