Perhaps the strangest accessory. HTC launches bluetooth phone for smartphone

    Suppose you have a wonderful Android smartphone. Powerful, brick with a large display, functional.
    And for sure you use it as a navigator, player, device for accessing the Internet, video player, device for checking mail, a coffee grinder, a flashlight ... But you never know what a smartphone can be today, and even more so on a flexible platform with open source code and the ability to write applications.
    But a smartphone is primarily a phone. And to see, in fact, the phone in these monsters every month is becoming more difficult. The NTS also thought about this. Thought hard. And they revealed to the world the HTC Mini (not to be confused with the HTC HD Mini) - in fact, a wireless headset made in the form factor of a simple mobile phone.

    The functionality, as expected, is simple: the device is equipped with a monochrome display, and communicates with the base phone via bluetooth or via NFC and can do the following:
    -Directly, dialing numbers (including from the phone book) and receiving calls
    -Recording and receiving text messages
    -Zhurnal calls
    -Display notification
    -A may also be used as a console when connected to a TV smartphone
    Announcing device with five-inch HTC Butterfly, and apparently designed on the basis of its specificity, but can be compatible with other martfonami.
    At first, the device will be available exclusively in China, the price is not called

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