Yahoo sends former parcel employees requesting return

    This is the official set of a Yahoo employee, which is issued when hiring a beginner. But the recipient, Tom Coates, a former developer of the company, has not been working in the Internet giant since 2010. In addition to the inscription “Yahoo welcomes you”, the box also says “Back” on the box.

    Not one he received a similar package. Over the past few months, Yahoo recruiters have turned to former managers, developers, and vice presidents to discuss “great opportunities.”

    “I heard that they have great difficulty hiring people,” says one such recipient.

    This is certainly a pretty aggressive way to get in touch with talented employees, but it does exist. Many talented developers will not return to Yahoo, as the company is slowly slipping down. But with the advent of Marissa Mayer, things went a little better. Shares have grown, several top managers have joined the company (former Amazon marketing director, Katie Savit, former Google operations director, Enrique de Castro). But while she can’t crank out a single major deal, sources close to the company say.

    To produce a high-quality product, high-class employees are needed, and they leave the company (not to mention attracting new personnel).
    Yahoo hopes in this way to motivate the staff they need to go back and restore the company to its former glory.

    There is information that one person responded, but his name is still kept secret.

    [ TechCrunch ]

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