Well, Centos 5.9 was released

    This is an amazing and quick release, less than half a year ago as before after the release of the next version of rhel (only 10 days have passed).
    The duration of centos releases is probably the main pain of the community in recent years, partly the problem was solved with the help of a continuous repository, but there were only security-fix

    From the interesting they added:

    1) Added Java 7 and ant 1.7 (ant17, java-1.7.0- packages openjdk). Javists on servers with centos 5 rejoice.
    2) Now you can use rsyslog version 5 (rsyslog5 package).
    3) Surprisingly, redhat himself guessed to add native support for storing postfix users in mysql. Many years ago, for this I had to compile postfix with handles, and then centos added the postfix-mysql package to the repo, and now it turns out that it is not needed.
    4) Added drivers for hyper-v, probably a performance happiness for those who have centos vps on hyper-v.
    5) We switched to samba 3.6, you can use smb2. In the config, specify max protocol = SMB2.

    Congratulations on your favorite distribution with a minor release.

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