Seafile updated to version 1.4

    The Seafile project announced the release of version 1.4 of the server and clients for organizing Dropbox-like service on its servers. The new version contains the following improvements:

    • Generating a link to the directory to which you want to give access
    • The web interface now shows the modification time and it is possible to sort by this parameter
    • The owner of the library has the ability to set the size of the change storage history
    • The ability to mark files on a directory page
    • Mobile Client Support
    • Optimized configuration options, improved https support

    The clients have improved support for files larger than 4GB and containing European characters in the name. A more detailed list of improvements can be found here .

    The first stable version of the client for the Android system was also announced . For the client to work, a server no lower than version 1.4 is required.

    You can read more about Seafile and its capabilities in my previous post .

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