Online IDE ShiftEdit

Good afternoon Khabrovchane. I would like to make a short review of the online IDE, which has a free and paid version, which I started using due to some problems with Cloud9IDE . I will not describe the problems, but sometimes the system was completely unavailable for several hours a day, which prompted me to look for a replacement. My requirements were not high and therefore I opted for the ShiftEdit IDE , which is very actively developing and the cost of the annual ShiftEdit subscription is only 50 USD (or 5 USD per month) and for this money you can add an unlimited number of projects and give access to them to my to colleagues.


Key features:

  • Allows editing documents written in the following languages: PHP, Ruby, Python, Perl, Java, HTML, CSS and JavaScript;
  • Online document editing via FTP / SFTP, Dropbox and Google Drive, unfortunately github is not available and for many, when choosing an online IDE, this minus will be critical;
  • You can lead several projects, but already in the paid version;
  • Collaboration on projects - you can invite colleagues;
  • Ability to import projects from Dreamweaver in the paid version;
  • Code completion (does not always work correctly);
  • Syntax checking on the fly;
  • Rollback of changes chronologically with viewing of history is also available in the paid version;
  • Snippets
  • Search / Replace text;
  • And all sorts of chips, like line numbers, auto-closing brackets and tags;
  • Support SHH Key authentication;
  • Email support in the paid version;

I had enough functions from the box to edit client sites via ftp.
Pleasant features were noticed:
- During the release of some IDE update, the system remains available and offers to apply updates. At this point, it automatically saves all open documents and reloads them with the new IDE features.
- Drag & Drop supported for file downloads.
- There are 2 skin skins Blue and Gray.
- Support for code themes.
- Ability to select the entire row.
- Highlight the current active line.
- Design Mode allows WYSIWYG to edit HTML documents, but I personally did not like this mode.

- Keyboard shortcuts - you can choose VIM or Zen Coding mode.

Available settings:

From the system settings, I would single out the most useful for me:

  • Ability to enable autosave code.
  • Restore open tabs at startup.
  • Trim extra spaces when closing.
  • Choice between two ACE or Code Mirror editors
  • A lot of settings for Java Script, CSS and Coffee Script.

The number of settings is decent and I won’t describe everything; those interested can see for themselves.


This system is most likely suitable for those who need, like me, to edit several projects at the same time. It allows me to do this through ftp access to client hosting, share projects between artists and it is quite stable. For all the time of use, the service was unavailable only once, which I can not say about Cloud9, although there it impressed me more and more, and in principle Cloud9, but it is a different story.

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