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Habrausers can remember the announcement of the 24 Pull Requests initiative , which was made on December 2, 2012. The year has already changed, the holidays have passed and it is time to take stock. Iuri De Silvio coped with this task very well, so I suggest you take a look at the numbers and graphs that he prepared.

During the past December, I took part in 24 Pull Requests - a project that offered to publish one pull request per day, until Christmas.

After that, I wanted to find out how much the implementation of a simple game element in an ordinary task can improve the results. Yes, I always helped some projects with my commits, tickets, code reviews, but during the 24pullrequests I was much more active in this matter.

So I decided to use data with GitHub to understand the impact of 24pullrequests on this process. My numbers did not match the 24pullrequests public numbers, but I was based on github data and suspect they are correct (see andrew / 24pullrequests # 236 ).

For starters, the general numbers are:
  • 2724 registered developers
  • 642 developers with at least one pull request
  • 2773 open pull request
  • 1299 projects with at least one pull request

Well, these numbers do not say anything about the contribution of 24pullrequests. Maybe people just did a lot of pull requests and 24 pull requests does not apply to this. It may be that people created empty PR just to “win” the game.

I am sure that this is not the best way, but I compared this data with the data for November. In November, all these registered developers opened 1,558 pull requests to 837 projects . About 66% of accepted pull requests were received in each month , i.e. approximately the same percentage of adoption.

In some projects, life was seething actively, but the most active of them was 24pullrequests , with 88 PR .

To write this note, I collected a lot of statistics and drew a little bit of graphs, but the most unexpected figures for me were the last. 4 out of 10 developers with the largest number of pull requests did not show any activity at all during November, and only one of them made more than 10 PRs in November . I rechecked this data because I did not realize that even I did not write anything during November.

This graph illustrates how strongly the 24pullrequests project inspired people to participate in open source projects.

Of course, it is very difficult to say anything objective based only on these data, because they could be influenced by many external factors, such as holidays, work, study and so on. All I can say for sure was a cool project, and I am very glad that I took part in it. Great job Andrew !

And I join the author’s words, and I want to remind you that in less than a year everything will happen again. Get involved, it's really fun! And if you don’t feel like waiting, then you can find yourself interesting projects on CodeTriage and ContribHub . Also, your help will definitely come in handy in preparing 24pullrequests for the new season. Thanks to everyone who participated!

PS: the author used the code that was used to collect statistics on the github .

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