Web Inspector in Chrome Notifications

Good morning habr.
More than half a year ago, I decided to update my first and only extension for chrome.
Not a very sophisticated timer with the ability to run several counters at the same time, the first of its kind :), but that's not the point.
Web Inspector helped me a lot with the development of the extension. This utility is called not as easy as for a simple page, but by a special link generated for each extension page.

Well, you probably already know this, and in perplexity what the whole story is about.
As the title indicates, the problem comes when you need to adjust the notification page.

If my memory serves me chrome://extensions/right , a link to it appeared with an open notification, on the Extensions page , immediately after the link to the background page.

Unfortunately in recent versions of chrome, links are no longer there.
I accidentally found out the solution to this problem today, and decided to share it with you.
As it turned out in chrome, there is such a link: chrome://inspect/where all open pages are displayed. Including the extension page. You can even view the inspector page itself.

You can also see a list of all "pagesĀ» chrome here: chrome://chrome-urls/. I hope someone comes in handy.
Thanks for attention.

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