Hardware cheating or “There is no reception against scrap, except for another scrap”

    Good day.

    I want to tell you a story about how you can read not only at the software level, but also at the hardware level.

    Pre story

    Late on a quiet evening, when not only the weekend came, but also the holidays, in search of what to play on the android what game can be downloaded for the child, I came across a very primitive toy where you need to gouge to break an egg. But the egg is not simple, it seems like it is not golden, it may be titanium, but for a very long time it had to be beaten. For a long time, this is not 2 minutes, not an hour, and not 1000 strokes, this is a million. Yeah, I thought. It seems that I already forgot about it, but one thing didn’t leave my head - this is her description “A incredible surprise is waiting for you YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE WHAT IS INSIDE !!!”

    I began to think. If it comes to that, then probably there is some kind of protection against cheating, and it’s so easy to “win” the number of strokes.

    Hardware cheating

    After thinking, experimenting, I noticed that she very quickly reacts "to the blow." Then I remembered King Julian.

    Here you go. It remains to find someone who will "wave" - ​​that is, tick on the egg. Or something that will tick in the egg.

    And then an idea came to my mind: an engine, a “wet pencil” (finger emulator) and a little “blue electrical tape”.

    First attempt.
    Finger emulator: pencil with foam on the end, foam soaked in salt water.


    Engine (found in a desk drawer). It was lucky, even with a small gearbox.




    Test launch.
    But since there was no blue electrical tape (I had to replace it with an elastic band), nothing happened. Since the gum held the pencil very tight and the pencil was too heavy (for this engine), I failed (and almost lost my eye).


    Second attempt
    Wet cotton swab + clothespin. However, just a wet salty cotton swab is not suitable as a substitute for a finger (probably "capacity" is not enough). It was decided to wrap with foil. I got into the hands of postings, I tried it - it worked !!! .. The



    knocker is ready

    And yes, a million is a lot. The calculation showed that at such a pace you need 43 hours of continuous knocking. “There is no reception against scrap.”

    "... besides another scrap"

    Everything turned out to be much simpler than expected. We make root rights, look where the program saves this value, change it, save, run and look, what is there such an “incredible surprise”.

    I also thought about a software breakdown emulator - but it didn’t come to him.

    PS If you made a mistake in the section, tell me where to transfer it.

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