Google plans to attract 90% of MS Office users to Google Apps

    In the past 2012, Google took serious steps towards corporate users by launching Google Drive and the Compute Engine cloud service. Users are systematically and fairly successfully transferred to cloud services, of which Google Apps office applications are a natural part.

    The coming 2013 promises even greater changes in the office software market - it seems that Google is seriously planning to destroy one of the last monopolies in the IT world, namely, the monopoly of MS Office. Google’s Vice President and Enterprise Manager Amit Singh has set an ambitious goal : to attract 90% of Microsoft Office corporate users to Google Apps. This is how the number of users who do not need the full functionality of MS Office, but rather a basic set of functions, is estimated.

    This ambitious goal has been facing Google for more than a year, and the monopoly of MS Office is still unshakable. However, Amit Singh believes differently: in his opinion, in 2012, Google was able to "overcome the barrier and get massive user support" (in the corporate market). Among the new large customers who switched to the online office of Google are such large corporations as Costco (92,000 employees), Dillard's (38,900 employees), Kohl's (more than 1,000 supermarkets in the USA, the number of employees is unknown) and Office Depot (42,000 employees )

    When switching from MS Office to online applications, corporate customers ask a number of questions: are cloud services really not worse security than internal corporate programs? Are they really better scalable? Amit Singh answers both of these questions - yes.

    Google is gradually strengthening its own ecosystem, which is more open than Microsoft and is based on free software. Using the Android operating system, it was possible to attract a large number of developers into this ecosystem, who previously could create applications for Windows, but now create programs that support Android. This platform is now much better suited for serious enterprise applications than it was in previous years.

    In 2012 alone, the number of partners in the Google Apps program increased from 3,000 to 6,000 companies, which also indicates a stronger ecosystem.

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