NVIDIA Nsight Tegra preview release

    I did not notice the news dedicated to this event. And already 2 months have passed since the release of the preview version.
    For those who do not know what it is - a link to a fact sheet article

    List of features:
    • Import existing projects into Visual Studio.
    • Managing native android projects as usual.
    • Building native code for Android projects using vs-android, ndk-build or makefiles.
    • Parallel compilation for both the file and the project.
    • Increase the performance of native (C / C ++) Android code by 20-30%.
    • Improved NEON support.
    • Link-time optimization (LTO).
    • Native support for multi-core Tegra CPU in GDB.
    • Invisible to the user Java debug and native C / C ++ code.
    • Using the usual VS debugging tools (Locals, Watches, Memory and Breakpoints windows)
    • Specialized debugging tools for Android OS (such as logcat)

    In order to download the preview, you must be registered in the Tegra Registered Developer Program. Registration there also requires a manual upgrade. Because I post a direct link .

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