Dialogues in English - meet, communicate and improve your language!

    As soon as you begin to communicate in English, you will be able to learn many times more new words, turns and speech structures. This is an axiom. The very feeling that you are conducting a dialogue freely increases motivation and has a positive effect on learning outcomes.

    From today, the expression “language barrier” no longer exists. The inhabitants of the Savannah on LinguaLeo.ru have the opportunity to communicate in the format of dialogs . All correspondence is exclusively in English, with interesting interlocutors and only on favorite topics. The language level does not matter.

    Ready to discuss the latest news? Then go ahead!

    █ Step 1. Finding an Interlocutor

    For these purposes, there is a Pride and 2.5 million LinguaLeo users.

    If you want to chat with friends, select a Pride participant and start a dialogue.

    If you want to start a dialogue with a stranger, go to the " Search for residents " section. In the search parameters you can specify your wishes: age and gender of the interlocutor, avatar availability, language level, status (online / offline), as well as Leo level.

    █ Step 2. Communication

    As soon as you go into chat mode, you can choose any of the 15 proposed topics, as well as see a selection of universal phrases to support the conversation. If you click on a phrase, it will appear in the dialog box. You can change the topic of conversation at any convenient time.

    You can easily maintain a conversation, regardless of language level. Not sure how to formulate a thought? Write it in Russian, and the system will automatically translate into English. But do not abuse!

    Even if you are translating every second word, very soon (with regular practice) you will find yourself actively arguing about the contradictions in Kant’s philosophy with a new acquaintance from the Savannah ... And your English allows you to do this!

    Reminders for new messages will appear as red flags in the upper right corner of the screen.

    In parallel, you can conduct an unlimited number of dialogs on various topics - communicate for your pleasure.

    █ Technology

    We decided to implement real-time communication on Node.js using WebSockets. To implement them, we used the Sock.js library. It provides compatibility with older versions of browsers and provides a single interface.

    To store message history, we chose Amazon DynamoDB. We also considered MongoDB, but decided to stay on a cloud solution because of the speed and ease of administration. This infrastructure allows you to not be distracted and completely focus on development.

    █ Future plans

    At the moment, we are actively working on:
    • the ability to add unfamiliar words from the chat to your personal dictionary;
    • activation of experience points and bonuses - for active communication;
    • Improving the interface to communicate and share news was even more convenient.

    Practice English in the company of pleasant interlocutors!

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    LinguaLeo team congratulates everyone on the upcoming holidays! See you in 2013!

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