Fintech Digest: identification of citizens of “Finsupermarket”, ex-employee of QIWI, naynil 2.4% of bitcoins, BRICS and blockchain

    Hi, Habr! Today in the issue:

    • In the project "Marketplace" from the Central Bank will use a variety of ways to identify citizens;
    • Technical Director QIWI namainil at one time 500,000 bitcoins;
    • Cryptocurrency will grow in the near foreseeable future;
    • VEB and BRICS are interested in the blockchain.

    Biometrics on the road

    Marketplace participants will be identified differently, not only using the national biometric base. This is a project of "financial supermarket", which is implemented under the strict guidance of the Central Bank. Initially it was assumed that biometrics would be used as identification, but now the list of ways to confirm their identity for project participants is going to be expanded.


    Discusses, in particular, the possibility to use the physical points of the banking presence, the organization of departure of representatives of the platform for the removal of the biometric template, as well as the use of Euroset salons to perform this task.

    Salons of communication, cited as an example, have been providing such services for a long time, have a wide network of regional offices, clients understand and understand the format of interaction with them
    - sure of the head of the financial marketplace "" Dinara Yunusova.

    Half a million bitcoins in three months

    For three months, the technical director of QIWI namainil about 500,000 bitcoins in 2011. This is 2.4% of the total turnover of this cryptocurrency. At present, the Bitcoin price is about $ 8,000, so the ex-technical director’s “cryptocurrency capital” is about $ 4 billion. If Forbes had published the names of cryptocurrency businessmen in its rating, the former QIWI employee would outrun Sergei Galitsky, the founder of Magnit.

    In 2011, we had a huge number - more than 100,000 - self-service terminals. Somehow, the security chief came to me and said that the terminals that are in stores, at night, when there are no people, they transmit something and in general work very intensively, there is a big load. We started to deal with this, and in three months it turned out that my service station (chief technical officer) was mine at these bitcoin terminals. I’m saying: “So, let’s orderly: what are Bitcoins, what does“ mine ”?”. Although the amount struck me the most: in three months he namainil 500,000 coins, and it cost $ 5 million
    - said the general director of QIWI Solonin.

    Bitcoin growth is predicted (again, yes)

    Another news from the world of cryptocurrency: according to some experts , Bitcoin and Altcoins will grow in the near future. So says, in particular, CoinDesk analyst Omkar Godboul. Over the past month, Bitcoin has risen in price against the US dollar by more than 40%, and it is likely that this growth will continue.

    Just a few weeks ago, the situation was very different from the current one - “bearish patterns” constantly intervened, investors believed that Bitcoin could fall down to $ 5000. In order to grow further, Bitcoin needs to consolidate around the $ 8560 mark.


    Finally, it became known recently that VEB and the BRICS development banks are starting to study the blockchain in terms of opportunities for the digital economy. The purpose of this cooperation is to enhance the development of the introduction of innovative technologies. It may well be that they will soon be used to create and optimize banking and financial products.

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