What else can I print?

At the moment, to find a sensible description - to whom and why it is needed is almost impossible.
As my first post (I hope not the last), I will give an example of the TOP 5 models, according to my own version, printed on three-dimensional printers.

imageThe main part of the list is taken from the post of the official blog of the company Stratasys Ltd, (in the past Objet . The two companies merged into a single whole.) But that's not the point. The purpose of the post is to show the possibilities of three-dimensional printing.

5th place. Printed corset.

In May of this year, at a prestigious art exhibition at the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris, a whole collection of various works printed on 3D printers was presented.
Video report can be seen here .

Idea and execution: Professor Neri Oxman. Israel .

4th place. Perhaps the smallest typewriter

STL file of the models we received from David San, head of the engineering department of the IRIS International, Inc . In a letter, he suggested breaking his record: print this typewriter less than 3 cm in length.


The most important condition was to preserve the functionality of the doors (they had to open) and the wheels (on the chassis and should spin), the

call was accepted and we printed a 1.5 cm model. The
wheels spin, the doors on the axles with a diameter of 0.9 mm open. The wall thickness of the housing is 0.14mm !!!
Our engineers themselves were slightly shocked.

3rd place. Functioning adjustable wrench.

In contrast to the smallest typewriter, we printed out the largest adjustable wrench.

Its length is 120cm.

2nd place. Ship in a bottle.

“How does a ship with sails get into a bottle ?!” This question tormented me from the moment when I first saw the ship inside the bottle ... Since then more than 20 years have passed, I know at least two ways to do this, and recently a third one has appeared:

Printing with two materials at the same time.

1st place. 3D light bulbs.

Disney's research and development team is working on new interactive devices. To quickly create new samples and test them in their final form, engineers use 3D printing. This is the only way to produce models consisting of several materials (including optics) in a short time.

However, the winner!

It is hard to believe that this model was printed in its entirety, and not assembled in parts ...

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