Free OFFICIAL OFF for Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers

Good day to all fans of electronic books living on Habré!

Unfortunately, I am publishing a post about Amazon Kindle Paperwhite in the Amazon Web Services hub, because there is not enough karma to publish in the corresponding Amazon Kindle or E-book hubs.

This post will be small and it will be devoted to how you can officially and free of charge disable ads (Special Offers) in the new Kindle Paperwhite (although the method, as I understand it, is relevant for all generations and models of Kindle). Today my Paperwhite with Special Offers came to me, and I immediately started smoking Google in search of a relatively safe and proven method of getting rid of ads (it should be noted that this advertisement doesn’t interfere with the reading process, I just don’t like it).

In this postI described a way to remove ads from the Kindle even without using a computer, and in the same post, I had a dialogue with the vasilyev habrayuzer in which he hinted at the ethical side of the issue (getting rid of advertising, I “deceive” the seller who sold me the device for price just with the condition that I will see an advertisement). On one of the forums, I found an interesting tip - contact Amazon technical support with a request to disable ads in my Kindle, citing the fact that I do not live in the United States and I can neither pay for disconnecting ads nor use Special Offers. What the hell is not joking, I thought, and decided to try. Actually, I am attaching a screenshot of the correspondence with Amazon tech support:

As you can see from the correspondence, all that is required for this method is for the Kindle to be registered on an account whose Billing address is not in the USA, as in my case.
Along with the chat message that the Special Offers were successfully disabled, an identical informational message appeared on the screen of my Kindle.

That, in fact, is all - quickly, simply, safely and completely legally. Enjoy your Kindle without ads! :)

UPD : In the comments, information emerged from the independence777 habrayuzer that he also managed to use this method, but only on the second attempt. I don’t know for sure whether the Hindu counted for the first timethe Amazon tech support argument was insufficient or just didn’t understand it, but the second time it worked successfully (however, they asked for deregister and register your Kindle - in my case it wasn’t).

UPD 2 : A letter has just arrived from Amazon, in which they reminded - they say, today a member of our technical support team solved such and such your problem. They asked if I was satisfied with the service and quality of service and asked to leave feedback. So I was not too lazy and happily clicked on the link, put five stars everywhere (rating the quality of service for several points) and wrote a satisfied and laudatory review. All is well, everyone is happy.

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