Post-apocalyptic update on Freelansim

    Hello! If you, too, have survived the end of the world, then it's time to start paying for the loans you earned. Although no, not so ... Briefly and clearly: under the cut - a detailed list of innovations on the " Freelansim ".

    Perhaps the most important thing is that, at the request of workers, the ability to communicate within the order was added. Everything looks as follows: the freelancer leaves a response - if he is interested in the customer, then he can write his own answer to him - the freelancer will immediately receive a notification and, if desired, will be able to answer. The dialogue can be continued, within one order - notifications of new messages for both the freelancer and the customer will be marked with noticeable labels.

    The dialogue is single-level and is not limited in the number of messages, but we draw your attention to the fact that this is a non-core function and is intended only for an operative discussion of details (order or work), without adding new users to the contact list.

    Inside the order: new responses have a green label and new responses have an orange

    Why is it better than private messages? By the fact that all messages are not in one heap, but “on the shelves” - you will always find the necessary dialogue for a particular order. But keep in mind that if the order is hidden, all the “traces” from it will disappear - if you want to save the history of correspondence, then you should use other solutions.

    Archiving uninteresting responses
    At the moment, we are trying to develop opportunities for customers, since it is thanks to orders that you can all work :)

    So another innovation is the archiving of responses. Well, or "customer token." Suppose the customer placed an order, received 20 responses to it - the time has come to understand what is there and how. Previously, it was possible to remove “inappropriate” responses, which by and large is wrong - you cannot just take and delete a response. Therefore, now it can only be hidden - in the "archive" located at the very bottom of the order page.

    Accordingly, the customer now has all the means to “select” candidates - unsuitable can be hidden in the archive, leave ordinary responses in the general list, and the most interesting offers in “selected” responses. All this within the framework of a specific order - the most suitable freelancers can always be added to your permanent favorites.

    Other innovations:

    Now you can register through social networks.
    There are five services to choose from - Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and GitHub. And soon Brainstorage !

    Authorization through social networks.
    In the profile settings, a new section "Keykeeper" has appeared, which in its functionality is similar to what is now on Habré. Link your accounts from social networks and enter the site with one click.

    Ability to save the section filter
    In order not to scatter attention to all orders of the site, select only the sections of the rubricator you need, save your choice and only follow the orders that are relevant to you. We will do the subscription very soon.

    Hotkeys appeared on the site
    Navigation on orders and freelancers with the h keys ,j , k , l and o . Submitting forms via CTRL + Enter .

    Setting privacy in the profile
    In the profile settings, you can make contact information visible only to registered users.

    Number of profile views
    . Freelancers have added an indicator in their profile with the number of views of their profile for the last month. The space for the number of views per day is written with a space.

    The Complain function on the order page

    Correction of errors found
    Thank you for informing us of them through the feedback form - we are trying to quickly correct them.

    Minor interface improvements
    Some buttons appeared hovers, added auxiliary tools, fixed indents.

    And now, information for those who survived the end of the world and read up to this paragraph! Only today (12/21/2012) when replenishing the balance on the site, you will receive a bonus of 100%. Having paid for 2012 candy wrappers, you will get another 2012 and a cap as a gift - sell stocks of buckwheat and condensed milk, get ready for the next year: Freelansim has big plans!

    Happy New Year!

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