Brazilian company launches its own “iPhone” on Android OS

    The Brazilian company Gradiente SA this week began selling its own smartphones under the iPhone brand after it obtained the right to use it in its own country in a judicial proceeding.

    The company asked the government to use this brand earlier than Apple. Gradiente SA may use the brand in Brazil until 2018.

    The Brazilian iPhone runs on the relatively old version of Android 2.3 and costs 600 reais (approximately $ 300). The smartphone has a 3.7-inch touch screen, Bluetooth, dual chip capability, 3G, Wi-Fi and a camera. Outwardly, it is quite similar to the iPhone from Apple.

    The leading mobile operators in Brazil, while continuing to advertise on television iPhone products of the American company.

    Apple spokeswoman Maria Parra Rodriguez said the company is not yet ready to comment on the situation.

    To all the confusion, it should be noted that is an independent WordPress blog about Apple products.

    via x 7

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