New on Tracks Flow

    We present to your attention a new entity for our service:

    Track page

    Now, by clicking on the name of the track, you will be taken to a separate page where the maximum information that we were able to find on the track is collected. The page is accessible to unregistered users as well, which means that you can share your favorite track with everyone.

    It’s worth paying attention to the “Similar Tracks” block, as a matter of fact it is a radio on a track. Very curious.
    In general, if you liked the track, it definitely makes sense to look at this page.

    Stream updated

    Now you can add an image to the post. Pictures are always good!

    Clear sections appeared:
    • My stream
    • Best posts
    • New

    Just like with the track page, the post can be shared with everyone and, again, including unregistered users.

    Interesting accounts and popular playlists from users

    Hookmag - presents reviews of new products, compiles playlists that are worth paying attention to. (all playlists are clickable)

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