Exynos Smartphones Critical Vulnerability

    A critical vulnerability has been discovered in the Android kernel, or rather in the / dev / exynos-mem file that works with Exynos 4210 and Exynos 4412 mobile processors (Samsung flagships such as Samsung Galaxy S II, Samsung Galaxy S III and Samsung GALAXY Note are affected II, in addition, the vulnerability is present on other devices with these processors - for example, Meizu MX). Any Android application through it can control the entire physical memory of the device.

    According to a member of the XDA Developers forum named alephazin, any application on a smartphone can cause real chaos - in fact, the application can get root and continue to act at its discretion, for example, erase all files and just “bounce” the phone.

    Samsung has been notified of the situation and is probably urgently preparing a patch. While there is an unofficial fix from Supercurio, another XDA member.

    XDA thread: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=35469999

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