Do Google read their own conventions?

    I actively use a variety of Google services. Periodically, I am invited to accept a new agreement. And now, for several days now I have not had access to my applications in the Google App Engine because I do not dare to agree to the agreement.

    But let's start a little from afar. Here's how the previous agreement began:

    Hereinafter, my selection, the URLs on the screenshots are left on purpose, they all work. The browser is the latest Chrome.

    The whole deal was struck by a (not the only) disease: the single quotes looked strange.

    But this place was the real Bermuda triangle of agreement:

    Here, let me refrain from commenting.

    Curiously, Google apparently noticed the problem and made significant efforts to combat the single quote. The victory for Google is almost everywhere, but the insidious quote does not give up. In the new agreement, it looks like this: the

    Bermuda triangle remained (!!!) inaccessible and survived without prejudice to the new version of the agreement.

    I have already raised my hand several times to agree with this dregs, but each time I am haunted by the feeling that Google says to me with this agreement: “You are a nerd and sign anything.” And once again, I move the mouse to the side.

    And further. I understand. Talented engineers leave the company . Periodically, mass closures of services occur. Free parts of services disappear . Flagship products are buggy... But just to look through the eyes with what they publish for general compulsory (!) Review? .. No? .. Does the Company have no resources to do this? There is no person who is responsible for user agreements? There is a man, but there is no way to make him work? How can you trust such a company critical data? How can one name their own plans, prospects, developments? .. I do not see the answers to these questions.

    For now, I still keep all my projects on Google. A year ago, I wanted to write a big note about what I think about Google. But it seems that I used to get off Google and write "how to live without Google." In the meantime, we are waiting for Google to defeat the template engine and the single quote in the eighth edition of the document?

    PS And if you still talk about this agreement seriously, I did not notice any major changes. A lot of cosmetics (numbers written in words, etc.). And from the essential: new paragraphs 4.6 and 4.7 appeared (by the way, they forgot the underscore there; not a paragraph without a jamb). Google curtsies for copyright holders. Although, frankly, I did not read very carefully. I can’t force myself to believe that this text was read on Google.

    UPD Raised an interesting topic in the discussion of MuLLtiQ . It turned out that in order to go to the GAE interface, you need to accept one agreement, and then you can familiarize yourself with the agreement in GAE (which, apparently, you accepted) and it is different ! Awesome!

    UPD2I must say that the Google App Engine easily withstood the interest of the habrasociety, in comparison with which, the usual load is simply zero. The free quota has been exhausted by a few percent:

    It's a pity to refuse such a service. But it seems that the freebie and quality will end soon.

    And - yes, to see these graphs, I accepted the stupid agreement and recognized myself as an idiot.

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