Megaphone launched the UMS service (Unified Messaging Solution), and the beta version of the client on Google Play. New competitor for Whatsapp, Joyn, and IMO.IM?


    Yesterday, Megafon launched a new service UMS (Unified Messaging Solution) for smartphone users. The service " allows you to communicate through popular instant messengers, social networks and e-mail, receive and send regular SMS and MMS via a single interface, " as reported by uninformative news on the operator’s website.

    The new service combines the capabilities of the Message Portal service (SMS + and MMS +) ; mobile messenger like Whatsapp , Viber , as well as the client for normal messengers and social networks such as IMO.IM .

    It seems that this project is not related toJoyn, an international initiative of operators to launch a single competitor to independent (and most importantly - free) OTT services.

    What can UMS do?

    The following is also reported in the news:

    The UMS app will be distributed through the AppStore and GooglePlay for free. Beta testing of the service will last six months , during which the exchange of messages between UMS users will not be charged .

    Sending SMS and MMS messages, as well as a data transfer schedule when accessing message tapes on social networks will be paid by the subscriber according to the tariff plan .

    To use the service ( - an error may occur when clicking, then copy the address to the browser line), you can install the client for Android . Interestingly, the site also offers to download the client for iOS, but the download button is inactive (and in the news it is reported that the client for iOS will appear in the near future).

    Android app features

    The following is indicated on Google Play :

    “UMS” is a concept that implies working with any kind of messages.

    “UMS” service is a means of communicating with friends and acquaintances through a mobile application for smartphones and a web portal. The service combines the functions of working with SMS / MMS, Instant Messaging messages, social network chats (available only through the mobile application), and also allows you to work with news feeds and Email (available only through the web portal).

    A text and / or multimedia message that you send from a mobile application or web portal is a UMS message.

    By connecting the Service and installing the application on your phone or using the web portal, you can:
    • store and view SMS / MMS-correspondence;
    • send SMS and MMS messages;
    • Receive and send Email;
    • set auto answer to incoming SMS / MMS messages;
    • set forwarding of incoming SMS / MMS-messages;
    • set a signature for sent SMS / Email;
    • Receive SMS notifications about incoming Email;
    • configure filtering of incoming messages;
    • View social media feeds
    • publish messages on social networks;
    • Store phone book and social network contacts

    Full information on the service is available on the website:

    A flash movie has also been published on the news page , which is designed to tell more about the service. The video is extremely slurred, poor quality (low resolution, text blurry), and uninformative. It simply does not correspond to the usually high quality of Megafon's promotional materials.

    For several minutes, those interested can watch a quick slide show of various pictures and titles. For example, from the “Billing” section it is difficult to understand the details of the tariffication of a service. The video has little text, too many moving pictures. Due to the blur, it is difficult to make out what is shown in the screenshots. Does it help to learn more about the service, or is it just confusing?

    Megafon marketers - if you read this - watch this video, it is made much better and more informative. As a request: as your client, I would like to see such videos in the future.

    The service is already being discussed on the Megafon forum:
    “S_S old-timer Re: Service“ UMS “?? (from 10/12/2012 17:08:07) [353211]
    And somewhere there is a detailed (with conditions, with tariffs) description of this service at Megafon? ps in the speakers habitually answered that they did not know anything, there are no UMS services in Megaphone. "

    What are the prospects?

    Given the recent news that, under the wing of GSM Assosiation, operators are joining together to launch Joyn , a competitor to all independent applications for communicating via the Internet (here you can include the popular Whatsapp, Viber, IMO.IM, etc.), the appearance of UMS in Megaphone looks a bit strange. Wouldn't it be better to launch Joyn right away?

    On the other hand, Megafon is known as an operator who is one of the first to launch truly innovative services (only Megafon has the Multifon VoIP service with SIP connectivity, and the ability to control SMS via the Internet as an SMS + service, if I am not mistaken, also appeared first Megaphone). Another service certainly will not hurt anyone, and some may come in handy.

    Here is some more information:
    "MegaFon "begins to play in the OTT-market. Running UMS

    Will UMS be in demand?

    Judging by the quote above, the beta testing phase will end in six months, and messages between UMS customers may begin to charge. Sending SMS messages through UMS and is now carried out for a fee according to the tariff plan, without any discounts. It is still difficult to compare how the new application will use the battery - in particular, Skype for mobile is known for its resource intensity.

    In my opinion, simple services like Whatsapp still look more attractive.

    What do you think? Is the service needed? Was it worth it to run? What future awaits him?

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