December 15-16, 2012, for the first time, a railsclub conference will be held outside Moscow , a rally of ruby ​​/ rails developers and their sympathizers. Location: Ulyanovsk.

    The conference will last two days, bring together the leading Russian developers and will be held in the format “rubists (and, as it turned out, erlangists, too) are not only about rubies”. Reports about functional languages ​​and approaches, full-text engines and their comparison in combat conditions, caching, multithreading and evented ruby, chef and much more are expected. Also at railsclub there will be two performances by Lev Valkin, who comes specifically to the event.

    Participation in the conference is free of charge . To visit, pre-registration is required
    Location: Ulyanovsk, Minaev St., 50 (panorama of the hall ).

    You can see where to live and how to get here .

    Video recording and live broadcasting are also planned.

    The number of registrations is already over 260 people.


    Saturday December 15,

    Indexing of multidimensional data - Stas Kelvich (mimimir.ru)
    Creation of recommendation services on Ruby - Anatoly Makarevich and Sergey Tolubaev (evrone, gistflow.com)
    Unconventional use of Ruby and Postgresql - Ivan Evtukhovich (express42)
    Asynchronous synchronously II - Andrey Rudenko (mail.ru)
    Let's Go, or an introduction to Go - Alexey Palazhchenko (express42)
    Battle: FP against the PLO - Lev Valkin (echo)
    Memory ruby ​​from the inside - Vasily Fedoseev (undev)

    Sunday December 16th

    How to start programming functionally? - Lev Valkin
    Automatic Content Extraction - Maxim Filipovich (fun-box)
    Technical aspects of meeting a girl on the Internet - Alexey Nayden, Alexey Noskov (evil martians)
    Browser MMO - Nikolay Rekubratsky (undev)
    About technology and business - Ivan Samsonov (wheely.com )
    Evolution: Rails, EventMachine, Erlang - Maxim Lapshin
    Geographic information systems on rails - Sergey Nartymov (brainspec.com) You can

    download the conference program to your mobile device using this service lanyrd.com/2012/railsclub-ulyanovsk

    Organizers: evrone , express 42 , undev ,kaizen

    Our sponsors:

    FunBox is a Moscow company established in 2007 and operating in the VAS services market. Due to the interest of Ulyanovsk employees in the Ruby on Rails framework, some of the company's services were implemented on this platform, which is gaining popularity. As a result, it became the main one in the subsequent development of various software products for the Big Three operators. The total number of company services in commerce exceeded one hundred, and the number of subscribers served by them exceeded tens of millions throughout Russia. The company brings together more than 60 employees from various cities, has a branch in Kazan, and is now actively developing a technological representation in Ulyanovsk. "

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