Liquid Robotics new autonomous robot record: 16,668 kilometers

    On Habré, autonomous floating robots have already been mentioned several times, in the amount of four pieces sent on a trip by Liquid Robotics. These robots have repeatedly set different kinds of records, and now one of them set a new record: 16,668 kilometers (9 thousand nautical miles) without human intervention. This robot has reached the end point of its journey.

    Recently, by the way, wrote on Habréabout one of the robots of this group, Mercury, which was even able to withstand the influence of Hurricane Sandy (you can also read about the structure of the robot at the specified link). At the same time, the robot was in the midst of the hurricane, taking readings. The entire group of four "participants" began their swim and San Francisco. At first, the robots sailed in one group, then split into two: two robots sailed to Japan, the second - to the east coast of Australia.

    Once again I will post a video of a floating robot:

    By the way, the record was set by a robot whose “name” is Papa Mau. He has already completed his mission, having sailed to Australia and is now deservedly resting.

    Now Liquid Robotics is going to continue oceanographic research, doing the main work with robots. In general, one can only admire the work of engineers who were able to create such a reliable design.

    Via nbcnews

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