Silicon Freedom: Open Processor

I bring to your attention that preparations are underway for launching the production of an open processor.

Project goal:
Launch into mass production of a high-performance processor with
  • modern interfaces (SATA-II, Gigabit Ethernet, USB3)
  • modern features (3D graphics and 1080p30 video decoding)
  • lack of DRM

which will always be guaranteed:
  • 100% documented
  • and 100% will support Free Software Toolkit
  • will not require proprietary libraries at all stages from loading to application level

Deadline for implementation :
The first batch will be released in July 2013

Required funds:
10M $

What is there at the moment?
Everything except money. The scheme is ready and tested not only in the emulator but also in the hardware.

But is it expensive?
Hm. Only licensing DDR3, HDMI, SATA-II, USB-3 and RGMII will pull at $ 1.5M.

And how much will the result cost in mass production?
It’s too early to talk about this yet, but MIPS Jz4770, which costs only $ 7.5, is indicated as an example to follow.

The developers emphasize that the goal is to create a processor, and not in academic studies or other “just for fun”

Details and additional links:

lkcl. net / articles / fsf_endorseable_processor.html

Update: A
rather curious discussion of this news takes place at the

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