People who play games ... together

    The company staff is the headcount. Different people gathered together. What else unites us except love for our work?

    Among us there are fans of computer, board, as well as outdoor games, so from time to time we get together to play something. I won’t spread about computer battles in this post, not only can you not immediately determine what a person is doing at the computer, but you can also play remotely: scream to each other on Skype or on the air, not being face to face with an opponent / companion. I’ll tell you about gatherings at the table, about the activities of office and street. But first things first.

    So, at one time we were happy to get together in the meeting room (whose code name is “closet”) and play poker. At the appointed time, everyone came and played, of course, not for money, but with real excitement!

    Then we, thanks to the existence of true desktop fans in our team, diversified our arsenal of games by adding Civilization and Eclipse. True, these are quite complex and long games, especially for the first time. But we prepared: a multi-page description and step-by-step instructions were thoroughly studied by each participant before the start of the games. And after a while it was already possible to congratulate the winner. Thus, today we have already mastered a bunch of games, including: Small world, Tempus, Colonialists, Munchkin, Dracula's Fury, desktop Starcraft, Nexus ops, Arkham Horror ... And this collection continues to grow!


    Also, perhaps, it is worth mentioning about the entertainment of employees during the work process. Some of them have on their tables, in addition to work accessories, a small plush animal that can be tortured not only by the owner-employee himself, but also by other children in turn.

    Sometimes a whole animal fight is played out, but usually the toys are friends. And we also have a collection of ponyash! Darts hang in the developer’s room, and large colored plastic blasters are fired, firing suction cups. Darts are played on the score, and they are fired from the blaster at aluminum cans, which are installed on the board, where, in addition to working information, the number of participants and their points are recorded.


    And once, in February of a year, the girls gave the boys a big table football. There are such tables in Harats pub'ax, and to play, you just need to ask for the ball for the game, which is located at the bartenders. In our country, this, frankly, noisy fun is legal at the “big break” when employees have lunch time, and in the evening, when most workers are going to leave for their homes. Entire table football tournaments are taking place! But we also play ordinary, street. And also in volleyball. But this is all - in the summer, and now the season is snowy, we will soon be skating and playing hockey.


    Recently, we played a game in the non-laser tag. The location was chosen four-story unfinished. We played capture points, divided into two teams. Someone already had experience of similar entertainments, someone played indoors, and there were those for whom laser tag is new. But everyone liked the game, regardless of previous experience, victories, defeats and military injuries! We agreed to pack and play again.


    That's how we have fun, distracting from work, to plunge into it again with renewed vigor and fresh eyes!

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