Videos from Kolesa Android Meetup: About MVVM, Anti-Patterns and Modular Development

    Hi, Habr!

    We support the IT-community in Kazakhstan, therefore, from time to time we organize meetings and conferences for developers.

    July 19 in the office "Wheels | Roof | Market ”we held Kolesa Android Meetup.

    To select the most interesting topics, we held an open vote in our group on Facebook, following which we selected three reports for the meeting:

    • "Antipattern development";
    • "From theory to testing MVVM";
    • "Modular development".

    Under the cut - share with you videos and reports.

    "Antipattern development"

    Farhad Bekmukhambetov, the leading Android developer of the project in “Wheels | Roof | Market ”The

    report describes examples of anti-pattern development, which often run into novice programmers, regardless of platform or language. I tell you how to identify these problems, what are their symptoms and solutions.


    From theory to testing MVVM

    Zhanibek Marshal, a leading Android developer at Wheels | Roof | Market »

    With the release of the Android Architecture Components (AAC) last year, a simple implementation of the MVVM design pattern became available to Google Android developers for Android developers. In this report, I looked at what constitutes a classic MVVM design pattern, how it is implemented through AAC, and how to test unit tests from our experience.


    "Modular development"

    Ilya Osipov, leading Android developer of the project in “Wheels | Roof | Market »

    Module - a new development trend now in Android. As from an application to an application, do not write a “bicycle” again, but use your ready-made modules. I talk about how we decided to abandon the large KFOR in favor of small modules. Also affecting a bit of Koin, because what modularity without DI.


    We often hold events for technical specialists, so if you have a report on an interesting topic (mobile / web development) and you are ready to speak at the next meeting, write to

    Thanks to everyone who came to the meeting and watched the video. Photos from mitap on our Facebook and VKontakte pages . Playlist mitap - on the YouTube channel.

    See you again!

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