8 principles to make a product that people want - a squeeze from Mike Krieger's performance at 500 Startups' Warm Gun

Original author: Josh Constine
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At the 500 Startups' Warm Gun conference, Mike Krieger, creator of Instagram, introduced his eight key points in creating Startup:

  1. Rely on your experience - The main problem for startups is that they are looking for a problem. Find what you are passionate about, what you understand.
  2. What is your feature - Have your own point of view on your startup. Why is it that time now?
  3. Never do it without a sketch - It is better to spend three, four pieces of paper to discuss features, than three weeks to write a project.
  4. Learn every week - Start with the question: “Do people want to upload their photos on the go? Can we make a good filter? ” - Spend a week to research, at 0 Friday make a decision and move on.
  5. Check for others - “We call it an exam at the bar. If you are unable to tell your idea to a guy or a girl in a bar, then it should be simplified. ” Speak not only with your irritable friends.
  6. Know the moment when it's time to move on - If all the answers are received, it's time to continue.
  7. Reception of the wizard of the country of OZ for the prototype - no need to do everything at once. Part of the functionality can be simulated. So Michael and Systrom (another creator of Instagram) tested the idea of ​​sending a message that your friend had already connected to the service manually, simulating the behavior of the bot. It turned out that nobody needs it. Because we wrote 0 lines of code in Python and we threw out these 0 lines of code.
  8. Constantly create and show your audience - Do not waste a month creating anything, without checking if anyone needs it.

In principle, nothing new, but it is always useful to clarify the correctness of your course.

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