LinguaLeo extension for Opera and Internet Explorer: translate words in one click and improve your English!

    Last week, the LinguaLeo extension for Google Chrome 23 and 24 received a 100,000th user with an average rating of 4.8! People like that it is easy and convenient to use: two clicks on an unfamiliar English word - translation.

    Now users of Opera and Internet Explorer can enjoy the convenience of the LinguaLeo extension for browsers:
    LinguaLeo for Opera 12
    LinguaLeo for Internet Explorer 9 and 10 32-bit

    Details and screenshots describing the features of the extensions - more ...

    Immediately after installation, you can open any English site, for example, Stackoverflow and start the test drive.

    How to translate unfamiliar English words and phrases using extensions from LinguaLeo?

    To translate a word, double-click on it.

    To translate a stable expression, select a few words, right-click and select “Add to Dictionary”. In Opera - holding Ctrl, select words.

    By the way, expansion options can be configured: for this, right-click on the paw icon and select “Settings”.

    Why is the LinguaLeo plugin very convenient for English learners?

    • By double-clicking on any English word or phrase you get translations, visual picture-association, transcription and voice acting.
    • You can add your own translation to any word and phrase.
    • Each translation shows the frequency of its use.
    • You can translate not only words, but also phrasal verbs and stable phrases.
    • Any unfamiliar word or phrase can be added to the dictionary on LinguaLeo and undergo training to master.
    • In the settings, you can enable auto-pronunciation, translation of the entire sentence and other options.

    Future plans

    In addition to extensions for Google Chrome , Opera and IE , extensions for Safari and Firefox are coming soon!

    We plan to make the extension even more convenient for reading English texts and learning the language! We are waiting for your wishes and ideas for development, as well as bug reports in the comments and mail .

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