IBM launched an initiative to develop energy systems of the future

    The Smarter Energy Reseacrh Institute is IBM's new initiative combining corporate research organizations with energy and utilities. The main goal is to improve smart energy systems.

    The program was launched by IBM in conjunction with the companies Hydro-Quebec (Canada), Alliander (Netherlands) and DTE Energy (USA), which are the first members of the alliance. These large energy grid companies are committed to investing in future technologies and working together, combining industry research capabilities with expertise in the energy and utilities sectors.

    The participants in the new program, together with IBM scientists, will take part in one or two independently selected areas to solve a number of the most complex industry problems (with the development of technology, network complexity increases, technologies for jointly managed networks are needed, and the integration of renewable energy sources into the existing power grid and etc.).

    Smarter Energy Research Institute focuses on five key areas:
    • Reduce power outage
    • Optimization of asset management (improvement and allocation of capital and operating costs for modernization and maintenance)
    • Renewable Energy Integration
    • Identification of deviations from the norm in the operation of the power supply network in real time
    • Using a federated network to transform customer relationships

    As part of their participation, each member of the alliance receives the right to use all the innovations (in particular, algorithms, software, patents) created by participants in the Smarter Energy Research Institute program.

    Among the expected results of the research initiative are improved planning and increased reliability of operations using predictive analytics and optimization of asset and shutdown management processes. In particular, this will make it possible to assess in advance the impact of natural disasters and weather anomalies on the power grid and to prepare emergency teams and the necessary resources for restoration work in advance.

    The new institute is an extension of IBM's long-term alliance with energy and utilities companies. In 2003, IBM co-founded the GridWise Alliance in the United States, which advocates for the modernization of energy networks, and in 2007, IBM formed the international coalition Global Intelligent Utility Network Coalition (GIUNC), which brings together players in the energy and utilities market, which helps accelerate the implementation and the use of Smart Grid technologies and contributes to the integration of digital intelligent functions into existing energy systems.

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