“Learn, learn and learn again”: this fall top conferences for mobile developers

    Midsummer - it's time to plan the second half of the year, because autumn 2018 has to be saturated. My colleagues and I went through the Internet and made a selection of the most interesting conferences on the development of mobile applications and games. More conferences - more opportunities to learn, make useful contacts and contribute to the community.

    So, below are our top conferences that mobile developers shouldn't miss:


    Devcom 2018
    Where & when : Cologne, Germany / August 19 - 20
    Why : Devcom is the main event for game developers at the largest gaming exhibition in Europe, Gamescom, a kind of “prelude” to it for professionals. This is a prestigious two-day conference dedicated to the development and publishing of games, networking and community development. Cool speakers, a variety of different tracks for every taste, a sea of ​​useful information. The right place to make deals, study gaming industry trends and find new employees.
    Do not miss : Devcom traditionally organizes a huge indie zone - you can “touch” the latest indie games and chat with their developers.
    Read more : www.devcom.global

    Gamescom 2018
    Where & when : Cologne, Germany / August 21 - 25
    Why : The slogan of the event The Heart of Gaming speaks for itself - a gaming exhibition, designed for both professionals and ordinary visitors. Gamescom focuses on gamers: companies rent huge pavilions, organize spectacular show programs, install stands with demo versions of games, hold tournaments, sweepstakes and contests. The area of ​​the business area is about a third of the whole exhibition; here the companies negotiate, give interviews to journalists and arrange pre-screenings of new games.
    Do not miss: By status, this is a key event for all European developers. It is annually visited by hundreds of thousands of people and hundreds of game studios from more than 50 countries of the world, and last year the exhibition was opened by Angela Merkel herself. This year, gamescom turns 10 years old, so you can expect even greater scope both at the exhibition and throughout Cologne.
    Read more : www.gamescom.global/home/index-2.php

    360 iDev
    Where & when : Denver, Colorado / August 26 - 29
    Why: 360 iDev - the leading industry conference of indie developers iOS / Mac, is an excellent alternative to WWDC. The event focuses on the community and helps to establish connections between everyone and everything in the iOS world. There will be a lot of interesting content for indie developers, including useful sessions on legal issues, sales and business development in addition to more traditional development topics.
    Do not miss : Tickets for students and discounts for military personnel. Also, the organizers promise cool souvenirs.
    Read more : 360idev.com


    TechCrunch Disrupt SF
    Where & when : San Francisco / September 5 - 7
    Why : Disrupt is solely about startup culture. The conference for founders, investors, developers, etc., allows you to penetrate into the very heart of the world of IT startups. Get first-hand tech news, make useful contacts and be creative on a virtual hackathon to develop solutions for the world's current problems.
    Do not miss : The Startup Battlefield, beloved by all participants. Startup competition with a cash prize of 50 thousand dollars - the winner will definitely return home, receiving the attention of the entire global venture community and the media.
    Read more : techcrunch.com/event-info/disrupt-sf-2018

    MBLTdev 2018
    Where & when : Moscow, Moscow-City / September 28
    Why : The 5th International Mobile Developer Conference MBLTdev 2018 is a professional development platform and a professional community of experienced developers. About 800 participants, reports from the leaders of mobile development, the latest trends and best practices of iOS and Android, quests, quizzes and puzzles - all this makes MBLTdev an important item in the list of Russian events of the coming autumn.
    Do not miss: The organizers promise a hardcore program for Middle + and Senior specialists - this year the lineup includes such cool speakers as developers from Netflix and The New York Times. You can be sure that you will get the most fresh and interesting content, chat with like-minded people and spend the day with benefits.
    Read more : mbltdev.ru/ru


    Casual Connect Eastern Europe 2018
    Where & when : Belgrade, Serbia / October 1 - 3
    Why : Casual Connect takes place four times a year and brings together professionals and gaming industry experts. The conference for Eastern Europe will be held this year in Serbian Belgrade and is intended to serve as a link between western and eastern gaming companies. Traditionally, participants have access to three days of lectures and workshops, exhibitions, networking and parties, as well as the world's best indie games at the international exhibition Indie Prize. You will find many interesting acquaintances, useful feedback and cool prizes.
    Do not miss: If you are an indie developer, before August 1, you can still submit your game to the Indie Prize and get on the Casual Connect show at Serie. Details in the application form : bit.ly/IPSerbiaSubmissionDueAug1
    Read more : ee.casualconnect.org

    Mobiconf 2018
    Where & when : Krakow, Poland / 4 - 5 October, 2018
    Why : This international conference on UI / UX design and mobile design brings together more than 400 developers, designers and managers from almost all continents. It will be held for the 5th time and promises to exchange know-how, a discussion of the latest trends and technological innovations, as well as productive networking.
    Do not miss: Mobiconf is organized by designers and developers - who knows better the needs of colleagues? The conference offers 4 tracks: iOS, Android, UI / UX and Everything Mobile. The program includes best practices and reports from 30 speakers of leading world brands, including Microsoft, Zalando, SoundCloud, Yelp and Facebook. In addition, this year the organizers included fashion themes on big data and machine learning.
    Read more : 2018.mobiconf.org

    IgroMir 2018
    Where & when : Moscow, Crocus Expo / 4 - 7 October, 2018
    Why: IgroMir - an event for the general public, the domestic version of Gamescom. This is the first and largest exhibition of interactive entertainment in Russia: computer and mobile games, games for consoles and other platforms. Since 2014, held in conjunction with Comic-Con Russia, dedicated to cosplay and geek crops, and gathers more than 160 thousand visitors in four days.
    Do not miss : The largest gaming exhibition in Eastern Europe - it is at IgroMir that important announcements are made for the Russian market. A great opportunity to learn about new things first hand and chat live with the developers of top games.
    Read more : www.igromir-expo.ru

    AppsConf 2018
    Where & when : Moscow, Infospace / October 8 - 9
    Why: AppsConf is dedicated to technical issues in mobile development and their solution. Thematically, the conference is divided into five sections: Android technology and iOS technology, cross-platform development, architecture and development processes.
    Don't miss : A variety of meetings, discussions and round tables are held at the event site, which will allow you to improve your skills and competencies of the mobile developer, as well as truly join the community.
    Read more : appsconf.ru/2018

    AppSec USA
    Where & when : San Jose, California / October 8 - 12
    Why: Technical conference dedicated to application security, including topics on privacy, security of mobile devices, and more. This is the largest conference focused exclusively on application security. This year’s program is very diverse and covers topics such as machine learning, container security, identity theft, web application security, and various workshops.
    Do not miss : As in previous years, the conference holds a competition for hackers applications Capture the Flag. Also pay attention to the Developers Summit, a free pre-conference event consisting of various security vulnerabilities sessions.
    Read more : 2018.appsecusa.org

    White Nights Moscow
    Where & when: Moscow / October 16 - 17
    Why : One of the key industry conferences and exhibitions of the gaming industry in Russia and the CIS, dedicated to the development and promotion of games on all platforms (mobile, PC, consoles, web). White Nights is a great opportunity to talk with key people from gamedev, track trends, present your projects and get acquainted with the most relevant game developments.
    Do not miss: At the White Nights conferences, world famous companies such as King, Obsidian, Supercell, Rovio, Bandai Namco, Big Fish, Wargaming, Playrix, Pixonic, Facebook, Google spoke. The conference schedule always includes active networking: this is a pre-party the day before and a party at the end of the first day. A unique feature of the format is the working hours of the conference: the entire business part takes place in the afternoon.
    Read more : wnconf.com


    Mobius 2018 Moscow
    Where & when : Moscow / December 8 - 9
    Why : Mobius 2018 Moscow is a technical conference for professional mobile developers. Mobius regularly takes place in Moscow and St. Petersburg and gathers more than 400 participants. Conference audience: middle and senior-developers, team leaders, project managers and system architects.
    Do not miss: Mobius is engineering reports for Android and iOS developers about: technologies (Java, Kotlin, Swift, Objective-C, JS Native), tools (mobile DevOps, containers, GPU computing, etc.), frameworks (Data binding, RxJava, Firebase, Realm, etc.), architectures (MVP, MVVM, VIPER, and others). The organizers do not take "sponsored" reports, which means no marketing bulletin or advertising speeches.
    Read more : mobiusconf.com

    Do you know cool conferences that are not listed? Share in the comments!

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