Plugins for ReSharper 7.1

Original author: Matt Ellis
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Only recently we released ReSharper 7.1, but it's time to congratulate the plugin writers who have managed to prepare their plugins for the new version. Most of the plugins released are OSS projects that authors work on in their free time, so we would like to thank them for supporting our ecosystem. Here is a short overview of plugins that are already ready to work with R # 7.1.

  • Various unit testing plugins : AgUnit allows you to run and debug Silverlight tests, the xunitcontrib test engine provides support, and the latest NuGet repository for MSpec also includes support for ReSharper 7.1.
  • Plugins for code validation : StyleCop will analyze your code (C #) and give warnings and correction mechanisms if you violate its stylistic preferences. JSLint for ReSharper provides similar functionality for the JavaScript language.
  • Several plugins implement spell checking : YouCantSpell is available now, ReSpeller is in the process of updating and will be released soon, and Agent Smith implements contextual actions for formatting XML documentation as well as spell checking.
  • ActiveMesa R2P and Agent Johnson plugins come with an extensive set of contextual actions, refactoring, generators and code analyzers.
  • The Catel.ReSharer project has an interesting approach - instead of providing a set of different features, it aims to use a specific platform  - the Catel MVVM framework . The plugin provides contextual actions and refactorings that work in conjunction with the main functionality of this framework.
  • The GammaXaml plugin was updated to work with the new XAML support, which appeared in 7.1, and provides additional features, such as validation and the ability to generate dependency properties, as well as support for the Caliburn.Micro conventions.
  • ReSharperExtensions  is a set of macros for use with the live templates engine . Macros allow, for example, adding the name of the current domain user or guaranteeing that the string entered by the user is a valid identifier and matches the stylistic settings set in ReSharper.
  • Continuing the theme of various "agents", the Agent Mulder plugin adds navigation and analysis mechanisms to ReSharper for dependency injection frameworks such as Autofac and Castle Windsor. The plugin is still not quite ready for 7.1, but work is underway on it and it will be released in the near future.
  • And of course there are plugins that we wrote ourselves - for example, the recently released plugin for NuGet support , as well as a sample plugin that shows MVC action verbs in the navigation lists . Both of these plugins support 7.1.

Most of these plugins come with open source code. Plugin authors will be pleased to receive any feedback (both positive and negative), so write bug reports, suggestions for new features, or do a fork and add features yourself! If you want to take part in the development of plugins, download the ReSharper SDK  - it contains tools, MSBuild targets and code samples. Also check out the plugin writing guide . And if you write a new plugin, let us know and we will help you make it popular.

Good luck in the development!

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