AWS TCO Calculator

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    I will decipher the headline: TCO - Total Cost of Ownership - this is the total cost of ownership. Read more on the wiki.

    More recently, a very convenient calculator has appeared, which offhand gives an idea of ​​what will be the difference in hosting infrastructure between AWS and its own servers.

    Having entered the calculator interface , we select the following criteria:
    • number of application servers
    • number of database servers
    • storage volume
    • placement plan (1 or 2 DC for fault tolerance)
    • annual growth in%
    • administration costs of hosting cost
    • load model
    • geographic location

    Very interesting graphs of load models are offered to us:

    In general, the assessment of the cost of hosting on AWS and in your own data centers depends on your settings.

    Having made a test data entry, I got this result: Here,

    as you know, these numbers are absolutely not specific and the data can vary very much. This calculator is intended for top managers, for the most part as a window dressing. But at the same time, these estimates make it clear how many times you can pay less if you correctly use the resources of cloud providers.

    I suggest watching this video about the calculator:

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