How to get a job at Google

Not everyone wants to work somewhere. Many people who decide to connect their lives with IT dream of working for Google.

Google is a giant company, one of the largest IT corporations. Employees of such a company are constantly needed (new areas, staff turnover).

Everything that is written below is based on personal experience, as well as the experience of those people whom I can trust.

Step 1 - Summary

Google has a special relationship with resumes. Receiving millions of applications per year, the company selects several hundred employees. That is why an excellent resume is the first step to a dream job.
What to write in a resume is necessary:

  • e-mail, telephone for communication
  • all places of study (universities), additional education
  • Experience *
  • Personal qualities (come up with something more original than responsiveness, stress tolerance, sociability)
  • Hobby
  • Reference - people who can give you recommendations
  • Knowledge of languages

* Experience in a resume for Google (and generally for Western companies) is not only a position, a company, but also the successes and achievements that you have achieved in your position. If you are a salesman, show the numbers. If a programmer is how exactly your work has improved the work of the company. It is recommended to indicate the work as a whole, and not just by profile (if you worked at McDonald's, then even this should be indicated).

What you do not need to write in your resume:
  • Date of birth, personal details
  • Is there a driver’s license
  • Family status
  • Other "husk" that will only distract the recruiter

The CV must be prepared in English. It is advisable to fill out a resume, highlight it (but do not write it with a caps or make it too bright). Photography is not a clear criterion of need, but I applied it.

Resume formats are indicated on the site (pdf, doc, html). Recommended format is .pdf.

Step 2 - Job Search

After you have written an excellent resume for the company, it is worth looking for vacancies that you will apply for. To do this, visit
You can make a choice both at the place of future work (all office vacancies will be shown) and by keywords (for example, if you want to work with a Russian-speaking audience - look for russian).
In each vacancy, there are minimum requirements for candidates. Pay attention to them - if you do not fit at least one point, then it is worth considering. The more you match this block, the more likely you are to get an invitation to an interview.

Google also has an urgent need for candidates. For such vacancies in the search you need to drive “For immediate consideration”. You will see all the "burning" vacancies. It will be necessary to send your resume by e-mail, which is also indicated on the page. Notice what is written on the Important line.
If you specify the subject of the letter incorrectly, the letter will be rejected. Unfortunately, people work in the company, not robots, so there are overlays that are slowly but correcting (I sent a resume 6 times with a specific topic to one job, but it was rejected; it was repaired after 3 weeks).

Step 3 - Submit Resume

Everything is simple here - fill out the form on the site and wait. Be sure to write a CV, it is really read by employees, who will then conduct your first interview.

If you send a resume to an email address (burning job), then it is recommended to send it in html.

There is a small hint that may affect the recruiter’s decision. The hint is called "submitting a resume by a Google employee." Where to get or meet such a person? On social networks (LinkedIn, Professionals). If you can agree and make friends, then with a successful outcome, you will get a job, and an adviser - a monetary incentive.

Step 4 - Preparing for the first interview

If all three previous steps were performed well, then after a while (I had it 1-3 days) you will receive a letter from the recruiter in which you will be shown the preliminary time for your interview (screening), as well as possible topics for discussion. Do not be too lazy to read the same about the company and its products.

Step 5 - Phone Interview

In a telephone interview they will ask simple questions, mainly on basic concepts and motivation. However, 90% of recruiters ask these questions at the first stage of interviews. Ask for expectations about previous work. Do not be lazy, on the Internet there are selections of various questions for different vacancies, study them.

Step 6 - Technical Interview

If the recruiter considered that you could be suitable for work in the company, they will write you a letter in which they congratulate you on passing to the next stage, set a date.
What are they talking about those. the interview is actually a secret, but some people who didn’t go through it and didn’t hear about the NDA are posting questions. For different vacancies, they are different, mainly for knowledge of the subject area, but can be for logic and reasoning.

Step 7-on-site interview

If step 6 is completed and you are still setting up a company, you will be invited to an office interview. At the same time, you will be paid for the arrival at the company office (either local or to the one where you plan to work). Interviews are conducted by 4-5 Google employees who find out your competencies. At your request, you can meet the person who recommended you to work.

Step 8 - getting a job offer

If all 5 candidates have responded about you as an excellent employee with a decent level of competence, the company offers you a job. Details of the job offer, as well as interview questions are protected by the NDA. But upon moving the company offers pleasant compensation packages, for the conditions of which you can bargain.

General information that may be helpful
  1. All communication and all news informs you the recruiter. Do not be afraid to write to him
  2. Do Not Break NDA Terms
  3. Be confident in yourself, try not to worry about interviews
  4. Google’s language is English, so you should not only write it with the help of a translator, but also speak. It is very important
  5. The time for making decisions on each item is individual, but it will take you on average 1 month from sending a resume to getting a job if successful
  6. Google has a very high bounce rate (false-negative). This is not a reason to be upset, but a reason to work on yourself
  7. For the same vacancy, you can apply for a resume six months after the first attempt. For another vacancy - at any time
  8. All food is free at Google

Just think, because only 8 steps separate you from the work of millions of dreams. Perhaps it is you that the company lacks! Why not give it a try?


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