Mobile testers get ready. Welcome to Avito Mobile Testing Meetup

    On August 11, Avito’s office will host the first meeting dedicated to testing mobile applications on iOS and Android platforms. Let's talk about native UI tests in iOS — what to test and what tools will help to improve them, end-to-end tests — whether they can be organized in large mobile projects, the quality of a mobile application — how to understand that it works properly and find out which is better to use in testing Android applications - Appium or Espresso. Artem Razinov (Avito), Pavel Ivanov (Alfa-Bank), Alexey Denisov (PTS scientists) and Alexey Emelin (Yandex) will tell about all this. Under the cut - abstracts of speeches of speakers, a link to the registration and important information on the broadcast of the mitap.



    Assuring Quality of Mobile Apps. Alexey Denisov, PTScientists

    “During my career I have been creating software for various platforms: mobile clients, desktop applications, API, command line tools, and so on. Now I am developing and testing software for spacecraft. In the report I will share my experience and tell you how to make sure that your mobile application works properly: what, how, and why you need to test, what types of tests should be used in different contexts. And I will share the experience of implementing these techniques in the legacy system. ”

    Scaling end-2-end testing for 12 teams. Pavel Ivanov, Alfa Bank

    “I’ll tell you about the organization of end-to-end testing in a large project. Let's talk about the stability of end-to-end tests written using Appium. I will show the problems we encountered and their solutions. ”

    iOS UI tests in Avito. Artem Razinov, Avito

    “Continuing a series of reports on UI testing with more emphasis on the testing framework and tests. I'll tell you not about how to run, but about what to run. I will share how we raised UI tests in iOS in half a year (at), reducing the amount of manual testing by 60%, how you can raise them and what you should strive for. What profits from this result, I will spend a brief tour of our process - all this, of course, with beautiful schedules. In addition, I will tell about our tool a little more than you can see at a glance at its source code. Well, what he is, after all, better than Appium and its analogues. What bumps can stumble, how to get around them and how we did it. ”

    Appium vs Espresso. What to choose and how to use. Alexey Emelin, Yandex

    “A review report on the technologies that the Android team of Yandex-Browser uses for functional testing. Let's discuss which is better: universal Appium or standard Espresso. How, on what and when to run automatic checks. What could be the problems with the infrastructure and how to solve them. The report is purely practical. Come, it will be interesting. "


    12:00 - 12:30 - Registration
    12:30 - 13:15 - Assuring Quality of Mobile Apps - Alexey Denisov, PTScientists
    13:25 - 14:10 - iOS UI tests in Avito - Artem Razinov, Avito
    14:10 - 14 : 40 - Break
    14:40 - 15:25 - Scaling end-2-end testing for 12 teams - Pavel Ivanov, Alfa Bank
    15:45 - 17:00 - Appium vs Espresso. What to choose and how to use? - Alexey Emelin, Yandex
    5:00 pm - ……. - Afterparty

    How to get and where to look

    Participation in the event is free, but you need to register . Please indicate your full name as in your passport and take documents with you - otherwise you will not be allowed into our office.

    Address: Avito office, Lesnaya 7 .

    Look for a live broadcast link on the AvitoTech YouTube channel on the day of the event .

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