Gabe Newell Gets a Place in the Game Hall of Fame

    The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences today officially announced that in 2013 Gabe will be in the Academy Hall of Fame.

    Martin Ra, President of the Academy:

    - Gabe is one of the most famous and respected figures in the modern gaming industry. Moreover, he is known and respected not only for his merits in the field of technological innovation and the creation of games, but also for his unique position of manager and supervisor. Gabe has already left a mark in the interactive industry. He paved the way for independent developers and provided invaluable services to consumers.

    Newell (along with Mike Harrington) came to found Valve in 1996, having worked for several years at Microsoft. Two years after that, on November 19, 1998, Half Life came out.


    - Game of the Year according to 50+ gaming editions
    - PC Gamer: - This is the best game ever created! (3 times)

    Gabe will enter the Hall of Fame at number 17.

    And on November 3, Gabe hit 50.


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