Do "iron" people make software?

    We have assembled a powerful team for the IronStar 226 iron triathlon baton , which will be held in Sochi on September 22, 2018, and call on IT managers to join! The best thing is to assemble a team and hack us ... well, or in extreme cases, we suggest just to cheer with beer for (so far) the only IT team

    The relay includes three disciplines (traversed in the sequence below):

    1. 3.8 km - swimming in open water (I am floating);
    2. 180 km - a bicycle along the scenic Adler - Krasnaya Polyana highway (Dmitri Sidelnikov will go);
    3. 42.2 km - running (Anton Starshov will run).

    Before the start of another two months. Of course, you cannot assemble a team from the couch, but many IT companies probably have sports employees who can overcome these distances. So join us!

    You can register here . The cost is 20,000 rubles per team.

    The inscription on the poster of a cute girl: "Iron people - sexy." "Iron people" - those who overcome the classic distance of the triathlon, even in the relay ;-)

    Learn more about the IronStar 226 competition.

    Information from the organizers of the race site with my pictures below.

    Date - 09/22/2018.

    The swimming stage is in the protected bay of Imereti port, where the temperature reaches 25 degrees in the velvet season. Wetsuits are allowed to a value of 24.6 degrees on the thermometer.

    Veloetap - on the highway Adler - Krasnaya Polyana, smooth ascent into the mountains and downhill. And all this beauty - 2 circles!

    Running stage along the embankment of the Black Sea and the pier, which offers stunning views of the coast.

    The finish of the "iron" distance is held in the atmosphere of a grand celebration with music, sparklers and fireworks. All participants and winners, fans, organizers and volunteers gather at the finish line to meet the latest heroes and celebrate the end of the season.

    As it was in 2017. A source

    What we really want

    In fact, our plan is as follows. We challenge. Everyone, of course, is lazy and reluctant, we are the only IT team in the relay, and voila - LANIT is a champion and a winner!

    Well, if (when) it turns out that nobody else will join IT, we will challenge corporate teams. Several teams from SIBUR and Mercedes-Benz are already registered .

    The inscription on the poster of a cute girl: "If you are still married, then you have not trained hard enough!". Source

    In addition to the goal of winning the virtual IT championship, we still have a big goal - to get out of 10 hours. My task is to swim 3.8 km from 1:10, Anton’s task at the running stage is to run a marathon of three hours (which he already promised on Facebook, and, as you know, if you promised on Facebook, there is no way back) Dmitry will tear up the bike 180 km from 5:40. All together, taking into account the transit and should be enough for us.

    Well, if none of this succeeds, then at least go the distance and enjoy the process! Triathlon is so good that in order to be proud it is not necessary to win - it’s enough just to complete the distance ;-).

    What are the general distances?

    The most popular triathlon competitions are held at the following distances.

    1. Sprint: 750 meters - swimming, 20 km - cycling, 5 km - running.
    2. Olympic distance: 1.5 km - swimming, 40 km - cycling, 10 km - running.
    3. Triathlon 70.3, or 113, or the “semi-iron” distance: 1.9 km - swimming, 90 km - bicycle stage, 21 km - running.
    4. Triathlon 140.6, or 226, or “iron”, or “classic” distance: 3.8 km - swimming, 180 km - bicycle stage, 42.2 km - running.

    Below is an interesting historical background on how the “iron” distance arose (from Wikipedia ).

    The first competition in the classic triathlon distance (2.4 miles (3.86 km) - swimming, 112 miles (180.2 km) - cycling and 26.2 miles (42.2 km) - running) was the Hawaiian IronMan competition in Hawaii Triathlon. The idea of ​​a triathlon arose during the awards ceremony for the winners of the Oahu Perimeter Relay (team runner race) in 1977. Among the participants were numerous representatives of the Mid-Pacific Road Runners runners clubs and the Waikiki Swim Club, whose members argued for a long time about which athletes were more physically fit — runners or swimmers. In this regard, one of the athletes, marine John Collins (John Collins), also pointed to an article in the magazine Sports Illustrated, which said that Eddie Merks, the legendary Belgian cyclist,

    Collins proposed to resolve this dispute right on the race track that combines three existing long distance competitions: the open-water swimming competition Waikiki Roughwater Swim (2.4 miles (3.862 km)), the Around-Oahu Bike Race (115 miles were usually held in two days) and the Honolulu Marathon (26,219 miles (42,195 km)). Until that day, the bike race was held in two days, so the race distance was reduced by 3 miles to put the distance between the finish line and the start of the marathon. Before the start of the race, each athlete received three sheets of paper with several points of rules and a description of the distance, as well as the inscription on the last page: “Swim 2.4 MILES! Race 112 MILES! Run 26.2 MILES! Be proud of this for the rest of your life! ”

    In honor of one of the local runners, who was known for his exhausting workouts, Collins said: "Whoever finishes first, we will call him IronMan (Iron Man)." Early in the morning of February 18, 1978, fifteen men took part in the competition, twelve of whom finished the race, and Gordon Haller received world-wide glory of the first Ironman, who finished the race in 11 hours 46 minutes and 58 seconds.

    Hawaii Ironman Triathlon competitions are now the world championships in the classic triathlon. The selection of participants takes place throughout the year in a number of competitions around the world, also bearing the name Ironman Triathlon.

    As a conclusion


    Join - you will not regret!

    Do not let us just beat all of you!

    If you have any questions about the race or triathlon in general, write in a personal.

    PS LANIT Triathlon Team, of course, sounds cool, but maybe you will offer some unusual name for our team (which, most likely, will represent all IT). "Three Little Pigs" do not offer!

    PPS Ah, yes, there are developer jobs in our software team. The advantage of those who love sports!

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