Thumbnail Recognition

    A group of researchers from Brown American University and Berlin Technical University published their results related to the problem of computer recognition of sketches - such as those shown in the picture below. At the same time, the result is not only a long and boring document, but also ready-made software samples that you can download and try.

    The purpose of the study was to make possible a “semantic understanding” of the sketch for the computer, which should understand what is shown in the figure and suggest options. The task was seriously complicated by the fact that even human perception for such identification often does not work very well: out of the created sample of 20,000 sketches, which was used to train the system, people were able to correctly figure out what is in the picture only in 73% of cases.

    How, for example, in the picture below - what is shown here?

    To recognize sketches, the researchers developed a special representation of the sketches in order to facilitate their classification. As a result, it was found that the developed method can recognize the drawn with an accuracy of 56%, which, in principle, is comparable to the human result of 73%.

    You can try how it works with the help of three applications - Windows , MacOS and iOS .

    It looks something like this - in principle, not bad if you try to convey the truly characteristic features of the object being drawn even with unenviable drawing abilities:

    Here you can see a PDF document representing the results of the study and test sketch sets used by the researchers.

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