Rutreker is entered in the register of RosKomNadzor


    To avoid possible speculation and speculation, and most importantly - panic, I allow myself a small repost from our blog ( briefly reflecting the essence of the matter:

    We received a notification that Rutreker is already in the list, number 106, because at the address allegedly there is some INFORMATION, the distribution of which is prohibited in the Russian Federation, and it (information) must be deleted within 24 hours.

    On the specified link - distribution "Encyclopedia of Suicide" (quite incidentally, unpopular). Okay, the topic was deleted, the torrent was unregistered, although in general it is clear that there was no mention of the encyclopedia except the torrent file, and what was in the distribution itself is also a big question that hardly anyone investigated before than blacklisted.

    The state body was immediately notified of the deletion of the distribution by writing to them an email, which immediately returned marked rejected. That is, GOSKOMNADZOR does not enter into correspondence with anyone, and if it does, then, judging by its website, only with those who sign "with an electronic signature issued by any certification center from among those accredited by the Ministry of Communications of Russia." It’s ridiculous.

    So at the moment (November 12, 2012) we are in the registry with the above (but already deleted) link.
    However, apparently, this does NOT mean that providers are obliged to block itself. . Unfortunately, more accurate information is not contained on the website of Roskomnadzor.

    Who and on what basis will exclude (and whether at all?) Us from this registry is also an open question. There is no such information on the REGISTER website. Although they can (and even must) write to the Register thanks to the actions and statement of any anonymous author.

    Insanity in general.

    It remains to add that the topic is gaining popularity and inevitably increased interest in everything that will be closed by Roskomnadzor, and as a result (and the saddest) - on the subject of banned sites.

    Their “black lists” will certainly come up, and as a result, mirrors of these same “black lists”, etc., etc. Merchants speculating on “banned sites”, fake threats, “send SMS and get an access code”, “pay $$$ and we will add a competitor to the registry” and the like banners and services will appear very soon.

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