Microsoft officially: Skype will replace Messenger


    After the acquisition of Skype by Microsoft, society and analysts wondered who in the end would remain Skype or the native Messenge, supporting both is not logical. But on November 6, Microsoft officially confirmed that Skype will replace Messenger worldwide in the first quarter of 2013 (with the exception of China, where Messenger will continue to be available).
    It can be concluded that the Skype brand defeated the 12-year-old cultivated Messenger. The combination of these products will provide an opportunity to create and develop a single, seamless communication infrastructure. The increase in the number of Skype users due to the transition of users of Messenger will make Skype a unified standard for communication, which will be almost impossible for competitors to reach. Microsoft is deeply rooted in IM and VoIP communications.

    In addition, in the corporate segment, the proposed Microsoft Lync 2013 receives a huge plus in the form of a connector with Skype, combining the corporate segment with the user one. No competitor in the Unified communication segment has such a connector. Cisco began to bite its elbows after the acquisition last year, now the turn for more active actions of the leader of the UC market.

    Why Cisco's in a Tizzy over Microsoft's Skype Purchase
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