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Note translator: underscore.js is one of the most famous and favorite javascript libraries. But few people know that there is her more successful clone. In one of our projects, we switched to it without any problems and now decided to introduce other readers of Habrahabr to him.

Lo-Dash is a complete replacement * for Underscore.js . Lo-dash has better performance, eliminates some underscore bugs and provides some new features.

New opportunities:

Individual assembly

Support for custom builds makes it easy to create lightweight versions of Lo-Dash that contain only the methods you need. Lo-Dash also supports method dependencies and aliases for you.

  • An assembly containing everything necessary for Backbone to work can be created with a modifier backbone.
    lodash backbone
  • Content Security Policy assembly.
    lodash csp
  • Build for older browsers without ES5 support .
    lodash legacy
  • Builds for mobile platforms, without bug fixes for IE <9 and compilation of methods.
    lodash mobile
  • Strict-assembly, using strict mode for _.bindAll, _.defaults, and _.extend.
    lodash strict
  • Underscore-assembly, for those who are already using Underscore in their projects.
    lodash underscore

and etc.

Where to go, where to go?

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