NVIDIA turned to Linux

    Many people remember how Linus Torvalds showed an indecent gesture to NVIDIA after it turned out that the company, sleevelessly, was concerned with supporting its graphics cards in Linux.

    Be that as it may, in today's official NVIDIA press release it was unexpectedly revealed that the new drivers for the GeForce R310 graphics card " double the performance and significantly reduce the loading time of games on computers running Linux ."

    Doug Lombardi, Vice President of Marketing, Valve:

    “In the new driver version, NVIDIA was able to improve overall gaming performance on Linux. NVIDIA has undoubtedly taken a leading position by developing the R310 drivers with us and other studios to provide the best Linux solution for gamers. ”

    It also turned out that NVIDIA worked all year with Valve (which has lately been critical of Windows 8 as a gaming platform) and with other developers to " ... provide GeForce owners with the best gaming features on Linux PCs, demonstrating the huge potential of the largest in the open source operating system world . "

    New drivers (Steam compatible for Linux) are available from the NVIDIA download page here .

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