Kim Dotkom promises $ 400 million fiber optic and free internet to all New Zealand residents

    Kim Dotkom is preparing to launch a new project , which will take place on January 19. The site will become a more powerful alternative to Megaupload, with distributed hosting, encryption of all files on the client side before transferring to the server, open APIs for third-party applications, etc. Interested hosts are invited to fill out an application for cooperation.

    Yesterday, Kim Dotkom announced another mega-project: the revival of the Pacific Fiber, which should connect New Zealand and the United States along the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. The $ 400 million project involves doubling backbone bandwidth, building a data center, creating new jobs and - as an added bonus - free internet for all New Zealand residents.

    Of course, Kim Dotkom is not going to destroy the business of current Internet providers, such as Telecom and Vodafone. On the contrary, it will provide them with a wider channel, provided that legal entities and the central government pay the monthly fee. But even for them, the cost of the Internet will drop by five times with an increase in speed by three to five times and the absence of any limits on the amount of traffic. Pacific Fiber

    Companysuspended its activities on August 1, 2012 due to lack of funds. She planned to lay a 12950 km submarine cable from Auckland (New Zealand) to Los Angeles and Sydney. Unfortunately, since March 2010, the organizers of this project have not been able to raise the necessary funds for the construction. Perhaps Kim Dotcom will succeed. The $ 400 million project will be partially funded by and partly by outside investors.

    Kim Dotkom added that he could find money for the project by condemning Hollywood studios and the US government for the “illegal and political destruction” of his business.

    Kim Dotcom also said that connecting New Zealand to the rest of the world through a powerful channel means a significant increase in the country's competitiveness in the modern economy. "We have hereclean and cheap energy , ”said Kim Dotkom. - Electricity is becoming the main price factor for the construction of data centers around the world. With its own cable, cheap energy and high bandwidth, New Zealand can attract foreign Internet companies. Unfortunately, the current government wants to invest billions of dollars in Tarmacadam . In 10-15 years, most people will work and shop from home. We do not need highways, we need optical fiber! ”

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