Apple was unable to defend iPhone trademark rights in Mexico

    In Mexico, it seems that judges are able to think logically and make rational decisions. The thing is that Apple lost the lawsuit for the iPhone brand in Mexico. The iFone trademark was registered by the Mexican company of the same name iFone back in 2003, in addition, it is the only company in Mexico that has the right to use the iPhone trademark. The iFone trademark was registered 4 years before Apple launched its smartphone. But in some other countries, Apple won almost the same lawsuits, and the court did not pay attention to the fact that other companies registered their trademarks long before the iPhone appeared even in the form of a working draft.

    The lawsuit with the Mexican telecommunications company lasted since 2009, it was then that Apple filed the first lawsuit against iFone, trying to prove that this company does not have the right to use the word iFone (and part-time, iPhone), because the words iFone and iPhone are very similar in sound , and iPhone is owned by Apple. However, the Mexican court did not take into account the words of Apple lawyers (though the consideration of the lawsuit continued for three years), and decided the case in favor of the Mexican company. As a result, Apple not only did not win a lawsuit over the iFone brand, but can no longer use the iPhone brand.

    Of course, iFone representatives praised the work of the court. And lawyers argue that now the Mexican side has every chance to sue Apple, demanding to ban the sale of devices that violate the rights of iFone. In addition, Mexicans may require Apple to compensate for the damage caused to this company by the sale of third-party (Apple) goods that violate the rights of iFone.

    Perhaps Apple will go global, and try to license the iPhone brand from the Mexicans. But this will obviously not happen soon, and after all, fifth-generation Apple smartphones began arriving in Mexico a couple of days ago. Probably, we will soon hear a lot of interesting things about this.

    This is the second time in the next few weeks that Apple is losing trials. It is worth recalling that not so long ago, a UK court ruled that Apple should formally apologize to Samsung by posting an apology on its website and in several of the country's largest newspapers.

    Via escapistmagazine

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