What sysadmin does not dream of his outsourcing company?

    Hello! Recently, I decided to make a video review of various IT companies and startups. At first I thought to cover ordinary businesses, but I quickly realized that it was interesting for me to shoot about IT and about IT companies that are shy, because I myself am engaged in the development of software and its promotion in this area.

    He shot an interview with a sysadmin who opened his IT outsourcing. He worked on himself, but grew to 6 employees. And in general, normally it rose. I highlight his development experience through “viral marketing” (his client base growth is now mainly through recommendations) and about the division of responsibilities, in order to throw off the routine. Everything happens in a small town (250 thousand population).

    I would appreciate feedback, suggestions and criticism. It is interesting to develop such a format, but only if people like it. I make this small blog for networking and just for the soul.

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    What should be more in releases?

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