Free WiFi traffic

    The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), in collaboration with nine other community-based organizations, has announced the launch of the Open Wireless Movement , a movement for free WiFi. Activists urge everyone to open access points and assign them the identifier .

    The transition to free WiFi means more efficient use of network channels, better protection of user privacy (it is harder to track them by IP address), an incentive for the economic and social development of society.

    The Open Wireless Movement website contains help articles on how to open your WiFi to everyone, as well as a list of Internet providers that encourage users to open access points.

    Additionally, the site has published information to debunk typical myths about open WiFi:

    • That free hotspots attract lovers of "freebies."
    • That supporting open WiFi is a security risk.
    • That the owner of open WiFi is responsible for illegal actions committed using his equipment.
    • That after opening WiFi, you will slow down the speed of work on the Internet.

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