Nokia is no longer in the Top 5 smartphone manufacturers

    IDC's quarterly report on the mobile device market showed unpleasant results for fans of the Finnish company. Nokia is no longer in the top five smartphone manufacturers. IDC calculated the top five, and now it looks like this: 1st place - Samsung (31.3%), 2nd place - Apple (15%), 3rd place - Blackberry RIM (4.3%), 4th place - ZTE (4.2%) and closes the top five - HTC (4%). Last year, Nokia was in 3rd place.

    All manufacturers, except Samsung, Apple and ZTE, have a reduced share: for example, RIM slid from 9.6% over the year. Samsung nearly doubled quarter-on-quarter smartphone sales.

    Perhaps Nokia will be able to enter the top five in the next quarter, we will look at the circumstances. After all, they have Lumia 920, Lumia 820 and Lumia 510.

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