Portable gadgets for checking the level of water and air pollution from CREATE Lab

    Now, in order to determine the level of water and air pollution in laboratories, a rather large number of reagents is used. And the methods for determining pollution are also different. In the case of water, this can be a general chemical analysis, analysis for the presence of heavy metals and others. Of course, all these analyzes can only be performed by qualified specialists in the laboratory. But you often want to check all this on your own in order to know what you breathe and what you drink. Engineers from the Carnegie Mellon Institute ( CREATE Lab ) are now working on the issue of creating portable devices for rapid analysis of the composition of air and water. Rather, the issue has already been resolved, and soon the devices will be sold.

    So, two devices have been created, AirBot and WaterBot. As you can understand, the first device analyzes the composition of air, the second - the composition of water.

    As for air, at the moment the sensor is trying to determine only the presence of pollutants (which cause respiratory disease. In other words, this sensor will not show you the detailed composition of the air in percent, including the presence of particles of different sizes. It is “imprisoned” for the determination of certain substances and warns of the presence of such. Of course, AirBot also determines the temperature, humidity, pressure (and it seems like sound pollution, i.e. noise level).

    Now about WaterBot. This device allows you to determine the level of water pollution, and it can even be used as a stationary observation point. The device sends the received data to the Network using the built-in wireless ZigBee module.

    The devices will go on sale next year, now only a few prototypes are ready.

    Via Engadget

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