New ABAP programming language features on SAP webinars

    We are launching a new series of free webinars about ABAP, where we will talk about new interesting features of the language for developers, consultants and practitioners.

    For five days, from July 24 to August 2, on the Webinar platform, we will talk about how to create more efficient applications using ABAP. Participants will also be able to ask their questions to an SAP specialist. To participate, you must follow the link of the webinar and register.

    Webinar topics:

    July 24, 11:00
    ABAP Training. Inline Declaration
    - Inline Variable Declaration
    - Inline Field Character Declaration
    - Accuracy with Inline Declaration

    • July 25, 11:00
    ABAP Training. New OpenSQL syntax
    - Syntactic features
    - Computable fields

    • July 26, 11:00
    ABAP Training. Tabstrip (tab bar) on selection screens
    - Selection
    subscreens - Tabstrip
    - Interactive subscreens on tabs of the selection screen

    • July 31, 11:00
    ABAP Training. Dynamic modification of selection screens
    - Checkboxes
    - Radio Button Groups

    • August 2, 11:00
    SAP Training. Table Buffering
    - Performance
    - What ST05 measures
    - Buffer monitoring
    - Buffer reset

    Classes will last an average of 60 minutes under the guidance of Vasily Kovalsky, an ABAP expert with more than 20 years of experience.

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